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Hi! I'm Melissa. A few fun {or useless} facts about me:

AGE: 27

OCCUPATION: Household CEO, English Language Educator, Playground Medic, Familial Law Enforcer, Child Photographer, President of Waste Management, Fast Food Chef, Tantrum + Meltdown Negotiator, Anger Management Specialist, Safety Commissioner, Personal Shopper, Playdate Social Secretary, Fashion Stylist, Manners Expert, Search and Rescue: small plastic pieces unit.

FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: Laughing, Coffee dates with my handsome husband, Dance parties + Walks + Snuggling with my babes, Girls' nights with my friends, Cooking/baking new recipes, Exercising, Styling my littles, Beach bummin' {aka keeping Raena from eating too much sand + repeatedly filling up buckets of ocean water for Kingston to immediately dump out and ask for more}.

CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: Leggings + Coffee + My Slip-On Moccs + Pacifiers {not for personal use}

FAVORITE SHOW: Parenthood {I mean c'mon, Max Braverman... How could you not love that show!?}

FAVORITE FOODS: Chips + Guacamole, Smoked Gouda, Eggs Benedict + Hash-browns, Strawberries

LOVE LANGUAGE: Words Of Affirmation + Quality Time


Also, I absolutely adore these three. They are my bests.

Why I Blog:

I never really thought that I would have a blog. What do I have to say that's worth reading? Probably not a whole lot. But, as we began this adoption journey, I felt myself having this deep desire to write it all down. I wanted somewhere to have a record of all the ways God moved mountains in our lives. Because He is moving mountains and He's doing it fast and daily. I don't want to forget any of it, not the little things or the big things.

There have been periodic times in my life when I have had a desire to write about this or that, but for the most part I have never been a "journaler". I have never kept a diary. I have been told over and over again that I should keep one because someday I will want a record of what God has done, even still I never really had the desire. Whether you journal or not, you can understand that if you don't have the desire, you usually don't make time to do it. So, I never did.

However, since I have this new found longing to have a record of this time in our lives and this journey, I thought I would funnel that into a blog. A place where I can track more than just my thoughts in words but also pictures and videos to illustrate our memories. In addition to that, many friends and family have requested updates and want to follow our adoption journey, so I thought this would be an easy way to share our world with anyone who cares to get a glimpse.

I do not have anything profound to say. I may never say a single thing you don't already know. Most days I will probably write about things like changing diapers or taking walks to the chocolate bakery. You may often find yourself wondering why you just spent a part of your day reading my rant or ramble. I have no big agenda. I don't plan to be the "next greatest blogger." The only plan I have is to live my life, to wait until a moment or experience or thought comes I feel a desire to write about or share, and then to share it trusting God will in some way use it for good. My only hope is that somewhere in the midst of my mess and chaos and frazzled thoughts, someone will find a little piece of encouragement, a little nugget of hope, and a whole heap of honesty and Truth.