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The Fischer Family


Puzzle Piece Fundraiser


What is it? Our talented friend Rachel, of Honey Honey Calligraphy, has created a custom print exclusively for our adoption. The print is a beautiful design of some text that has become very meaningful to us throughout this adoption journey {text will be revealed once the puzzle is complete!} We have had that print transferred onto a 750 piece wooden puzzle. We are selling every.single.piece. of that puzzle.

How does it work? Each puzzle piece is $25. When you "purchase" a puzzle piece, we will write your name on the back of that piece. By no means do we know 750 people who we think will want to purchase a puzzle piece, so please buy as many as you feel lead to. You can buy one for every member of your family, in honor or memory of someone, for your pet, or you can buy a piece and have us write a scripture reference on it. The options are limitless! ;) As each piece is purchased our puzzle will slowly be completed {We will be sharing pictures of the progress as it fills in}.

Where do you purchase the puzzle pieces? Please visit our Adopt Together page and make a tax deductible donation there. Once you have made your donation, please fill out this Puzzle Donation Form. Let us know how much you donated and what you would like written on each puzzle piece.

Why do we LOVE this idea so much? We plan to frame this puzzle as a piece of art in our baby's room. It will be in a double-sided frame so that we can turn it over and see all of your names written all across the back. We CANNOT wait to tell our baby of all the people who loved and cared about him/her SO much that they wanted to join in our journey by helping us bring him/her home. We think it will be THE most beautiful picture of the precious love + support that's found in community as well as God's great provision + faithfulness. {I get teary just thinking about how the back of this puzzle will look when our baby is home with us!}