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The Fischer Family



Why Adoption?


First of all, look at those crazy babes pictured above. They are the best. They have made parenting such a joy for us. We can't wait to have a third child joining in on that fun! Plus, {biased as we may be} we think any child would love having those two goons for siblings!

More importantly, we have both wanted to adopt since before we even started dating. It was something we talked a lot about  before we got married and always knew we would pursue as a couple whenever The Lord revealed it was the right time. We love the clear picture of The Gospel and God's love for us that adoption shows.

We love the beautiful picture adoption paints which displays that deep, unconditional love is so much more than biological ties.

Love is a choice and a commitment.

We each have personal experience with adoption and we see a lot of value and richness that comes to everyone involved in the adoption process. The beauty of diversity that comes to a family through adoption is also something that we value. We believe that the decision to build a family through chosen commitment and love beyond just blood and genetics speaks to what the true meanings of love and family are. We think this is so important.

Travis has an adopted sister from Liberia. Experiencing the adoption process with his family and the resulting relationship that he has with his adopted sister has given him a strong passion for adoption.

I have always had a passion for children and a heart to share love with any child that needs it. I was adopted by my father after he married my biological mother, so I have a personal connection to and experience with adoption and what it feels like to be an adopted child. I also felt blessed to experience the adoption process with Travis’s family. That experience only heightened my desire to open up my heart and home to adopted children some day.

To put it simply, adoption is a passion of my heart and something I has always known I had to pursue. We know that we have more than enough love for another child, and we long to share that love.