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The Fischer Family


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Our Current Needs

It is our hope to keep this page updated with all of the latest ways you can be involved in our adoption journey. Thank you so much for taking the time to read. We are so appreciative of your support!

The biggest and most important way we would love for any of you to be involved is by supporting us through prayer. 


Current prayer requests:

+ Endurance: We are in a major state of CHAOS in our home per usual. Lots and lots and LOTS to do and figure out as we move forward in this process. The lists are long. We are weary. We need energy.

+ Balance: This request is for Travis and I in particular. It is VERY hard not to get swept up in everything that we need to do. We could commit every minute of every day to accomplishing another task on the list. We cannot do that. Not only is it unhealthy for us but it is unhealthy for our kids. They need our energy, our love, our attention, our security and our consistency as we move into a stage of change that will GREATLY affect their lives. We want to make sure that we are not missing out on all of the other gifts in our lives because we have tunnel vision.

+Wisdom: We are having to make A LOT of decisions. All of these decisions will affect our family greatly. We are trying our hardest to make the best decisions we can, but we do not always have the answers. We need clarity and direction in seeing what God would have us choose each step of the way. His ways are better than ours.

+ Our Birth Mom and Baby: We cannot wait to know who they are. Our love for them runs so deep. Please pray for them. Pray as we do for their safety and health throughout this pregnancy. Pray that the Lord would be teaching us how we can love them well when the time comes. We long to know and nurture their hearts the best we can. Nothing in this journey is more important to us than the relationships the Lord will bring us through it.