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15 Things to Thank Your Mother For This Mothers Day

Melissa Fischer

If you are running into writers block while writing that Mothers Day card this year, let me help you out. Here are 15 things that you absolutely must thank your mom for. 

1. Literally (not figuratively) keeping you alive.

Think about it. If your mom hadn’t acquired (or lactated) nourishment and physically stuck it in your needy little mouth, at times coercing you to eat it, day after day... after day... after day... after day… you wouldn’t even be alive to say Happy Mothers day.

2. Embracing the torturous sights and sounds of children’s television programming.

Back in the day kid’s shows didn't feature Jimmy Eat WorldAndy Samberg and The Roots. Sure Sesame Street had a few cool guest stars and Mr. Rodgers had some pretty chill tunes, but  for the most part, your mom probably put up with torture like this:

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Happy 3rd Birthday Kingston!

Melissa Fischer

Today our firstborn turns three! I won’t dwell on how I can’t believe it or how time passes too quickly or how it seems like yesterday we were meeting him for the first time; those things will just make me cry. Instead, I want to celebrate that our big boy is three! I want to celebrate who he is today, all the things he can do, and that {by God’s grace} we survived our first three years of parenting!

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Big things happening in this house!

Melissa Fischer

This week was a big week in the Fischer household. And I know you’re dying to hear all about it {obvi.} so here we go!

The excitement kicked off right away Monday morning when Travis had his first day at his NEW JOB. We have officially started a new chapter! God blessed us with this new opportunity and we are very excited to see how it all works out over the next weeks and months. Change and transition is never without its hiccups and challenges, but so far things have been going pretty well for Travis during his first week at Plus they have a wall full of candy dispensers at the office, so how can he really complain? {#winning}

The next big thing {excitement level still to be determined} that is happening in our house is POTTY TRAINING! Yep, that’s right. We’ve stripped off the diapers and strapped on the big boy underwear and our Kingston boy is trying out the potty.

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