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A Message From Kingston and Raena

Travis Fischer

We have 8 days left to go until our fundraising deadline and $2,496 left to raise!

Kingston and Raena made a short video they would like to share with you.

So here's the story. We have $2,496 left to raise in our puzzle piece fundraiser. For every $25 you donate you "buy" one puzzle piece from our adoption fundraising puzzle. Additionally, right now if you donate $35 we'll send you a 8"x10" print of our custom adoption calligraphy piece from Honey, Honey Calligraphy.

Go to our Adopt Together Page to make your donation.

Then fill out our puzzle piece form to claim your puzzle pieces and custom prints.

We are getting down to the wire and we appreciate any and all help. Every like, retweet, share or comment is a little digital hug and we feel them all.

Thank you to everyone who has gotten us this close. We are delighted daily as new donations continue to roll in. It's amazing that everything has worked out so beautifully thus far.


Puzzle Print Reveal + Fundraiser Bonus!

Melissa Fischer

If you watched our adoption match video then you already know that our friend Rachel, of Honey Honey Calligraphy, created an exclusive hand calligraphed print for our adoption. It is the design that we used on our fundraising puzzle. We are in LOVE with this print. The words we chose for the print are deep and beautiful and meaningful. The truth found in them is something that has spoken profoundly to my soul since I came across this passage many many years ago.

In life, we face many things that can cause us to live in fear. These things can paralyze us in ways we never would expect. These fears can keep us from living in the freedom that is ours through Christ. These fears can keep us from living obediently to what God is asking of us.

Fear is an especially prevalent thing for many in the adoption process on both sides of the equation. There are so many unknowns, so many questions, so many what ifs. You are never really certain of the who, what, where, when, and hows of the process. Many times you are required to take steps forward and then simply wait and trust it will all work out. Your heart is put in the most vulnerable position of putting yourself out there, falling in love, and possibly losing a child you think of and want as your own. It’s scary.

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"UN-Garage Sale" Fundraiser Report

Melissa Fischer

My heart is completely bursting with gratitude. About a week ago, Travis’s aunt Jenn let us know that she would be planning + hosting what she called an “Un-garage sale” in order to support our adoption. She had been collecting a ton of really nice items from around her home that she was planning to offer to others in garage sale form. However, instead of putting a price on all of the items, she was planning to allow people to come and take what they wanted from the sale and only pay what they wanted to as a donation to our adoption fund. What a wonderful way to bless us and others at the same time!

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