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A Message From Kingston and Raena

Travis Fischer

We have 8 days left to go until our fundraising deadline and $2,496 left to raise!

Kingston and Raena made a short video they would like to share with you.

So here's the story. We have $2,496 left to raise in our puzzle piece fundraiser. For every $25 you donate you "buy" one puzzle piece from our adoption fundraising puzzle. Additionally, right now if you donate $35 we'll send you a 8"x10" print of our custom adoption calligraphy piece from Honey, Honey Calligraphy.

Go to our Adopt Together Page to make your donation.

Then fill out our puzzle piece form to claim your puzzle pieces and custom prints.

We are getting down to the wire and we appreciate any and all help. Every like, retweet, share or comment is a little digital hug and we feel them all.

Thank you to everyone who has gotten us this close. We are delighted daily as new donations continue to roll in. It's amazing that everything has worked out so beautifully thus far.