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Baby Birth State Reveal

Melissa Fischer

The wait is over! Today we are sharing with you where we will be traveling to pick up our newest babe come December.


Drum roll please…


We will be traveling to


We are SO excited to be heading to Florida this winter!

This state holds a very special place in our hearts. Several monumental events in our lives + relationship took place there. It was on a missions trip in Florida 9.5 years ago that God revealed {completely out of the blue} to both Travis and I that we would one day marry each other {we weren’t even dating at the time! nor was it on either of our radars}. I think we both would say that trip may have been the single biggest and most significant thing to happen in our relationship. It was also on that trip that God really ignited the passion that had been brewing in my heart for orphans + adoption. I knew without a doubt after that trip that someday, someway adoption would be a part of my life story. We also had our honeymoon in Florida. I love that our marriage/honeymoon represents the two of us beginning to build our own family together. It only seems perfectly fitting that we return there to get our third precious babe + fifth family member.

Since we found out where we will be going, we have been working VERY hard to figure out the best + most economical plan for our travel and stay in Florida. As you can imagine, there is A LOT to figure out!

We will be traveling 2,500 miles to get our little one. We have to figure out how we are getting there, where we will stay, how we will get around, how we will eat + who will watch our other two littles while we are in the hospital and dealing with all of the adoption details. And we have to figure all of this out having no idea WHEN we will actually need to be in Florida or how long we will need to stay.

Have you ever tried planning a trip not knowing when you will go or how long you will stay? It’s hard.

We’ve had to do a lot of brainstorming and list making to plot out all of our options. We’ve weighed MANY pros and cons trying to figure out what will be the best scenario for everyone involved in our situation. Honestly, it’s been very stressful and a struggle for me.

I like to make plans in advance. I like to know we are making the best choice. I like to bargain shop. I don’t like last minute. I don't like uncertainty. I don’t like paying premium prices when I know I could pay much less if I just purchase now. Adoption forces uncertainty. Uncertainty forces last minute planning. Last minute planning forces expensive price tags. In addition to that, all of this is happening in the month of December {right in the middle of the holiday season} which only amplifies the complexities and costs of our trip.

Over the course of the last month, we have settled into a plan that we think will work best for all of us come December. We hope that it will be the most economical choice as well as cast the biggest “safety net” to allow us to be ready to go to the hospital as soon as possible after we get the call that our birth mom is in labor. Now we will just wait and see when little babe decides to enter this world and how that shakes up our plans ;)

Whatever happens we know it will be no surprise to our God. He chose this baby to be a part of our family. He knows the minute our little one will come. He has a plan for all of the details of our travel and stay and expenses.

And even though I know all of that, even though I knowHe has a plan and it is good, even though I know it is all already worked out and taken care of, this last month has still been VERY hard for me mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Time is ticking, days are passing, there is so much to do, and we still have a HUGE need for financial provision. I feel stressed + exhausted + overwhelmed all the time. I am not a person who normally gets stressed, so this is not something I am used to having to deal with.

I am learning to trust the one who holds me in the palm of His hand and let go of my worry + stress about the rest, but it is hard. He is good. He loves me. He does not give us more than we can bear. He will provide ALL we need. {PLEASE pray for me to not only know this stuff but to understand and believe it as well.}

We only have 42 DAYS until December.

Our puzzle is 36% complete.

We have 476 pieces left to sell.

Will you help us finish our puzzle and bring our baby home?

Please visit our Puzzle page for details on how it works and how you can be a part of our journey to raise $16,000 in 60 days in order to complete our adoption.