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Happy Father's Day!

Melissa Fischer

It’s Father’s Day! As a girl who grew up with very little and mostly no contact with my biological father, Father's Day can often bring about mixed emotions and grief for the relationship that I never had with him. He is now deceased, so any hope that I would have had for a relationship is no longer even an option. That alone is a big issue to grapple with much less a day that is completely dedicated to celebrating fathers. However,  I count myself very blessed because despite the absence of my biological father, I have some pretty great men in my life.

Consequently, I have settled into loving this day because it is always such a blessing to take time to reflect on the men in my life and how fortunate I am to have them. God has taken my story of loss and blossomed it into something abundantly beautiful. Beauty from ashes {Isaiah 61:3}.

Being that I am so grateful to have these men as family, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to honor each of them here.

First, my amazing husband and incredible father to our two littles and baby-to-be, Travis.

Travis, you are the most amazing dad. You are patient, kind, loving, caring, fun, goofy, silly, engaged, consistent and present. I can’t begin to tell you how much my heart overflows watching you love our babies. You have such unconditional love for them, and it is the most beautiful picture in my life of how God loves His children. Thank you for being such an attentive and engaged father. Your presence makes all the difference and all of our lives are made better because you are involved in them. Our kids are so fortunate to have a dad who gets down on the floor to play legos with them, who takes them on adventures, who teaches them how to do new things, who plays games with them, who reads books to them before bed, who snuggles them and comforts them whenever they need it, who is affectionate and encouraging towards them. I know that they are thriving and joyful children now and will continue to thrive throughout the rest of their lives because of the unconditional love and security you give them. They know and feel your steadfast and faithful presence and protection, and they find comfort in you. That is a invaluable and precious gift. I have always been proud to be your girl, but nothing makes me more proud to be yours than watching you be a father. You are the best.

Always willing to get down on the floor to play.

Hungry Hippos is Kingston's favorite game.

Next, my dad, Dean.

Happy Father’s Day! I am so grateful for you. I am grateful for your love, sacrifice, patience, involvement, fun, adventure, and commitment over all the years. You have stuck it out and continued to be a dad through many ups and downs {and through my middle school years ;)}. I appreciate you so much, and I am so thankful for your loving decision to adopt Cameron and I. Adopting us was not something you had to do but chose to do, and that is a priceless and amazing gift. I do not take that for granted. Thank you for being a grandpa to our two littles. You always have such fun and engaging activities to do with them whenever they see you. They have learned and experienced many new things and will have a ton of fun memories because of you. Thank you.

To my step dad, Dan.

I am so grateful you came into our lives. You are such a loving, caring, giving, kind, fun, patient, and gentle man. You have embraced our family wholeheartedly from the beginning, and there has never been a day that we have not felt your love and acceptance. You are an amazing grandpa and you love our kids so well. You are always the first one to take them on adventures outside. Whether it’s -20 and freakin’ freezing or 90 and horribly humid, you are always willing to put the kids needs, desires, and fun above your own comfort and relaxation. I have said this before, but I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for how well you love my babies. There is nothing more important to a mom than the way someone treats and loves her children. You do an EXCEPTIONAL job of that, and it means the world to me. Thank you.

To my father in law, Tim.

I won the jackpot when I gained you as a father in law. You are the definition of a loving, selfless and servant-hearted man. You are steady, consistent, faithful, loyal, caring and unconditional. I cannot begin to tell you how highly I value each of those traits. I am so grateful that you modeled and continue to model those traits to Travis. I am blessed everyday by who he is because of you. Thank you for the countless hours you have so faithfully poured into your family without a single complaint or hesitance. Our children are the luckiest kids alive to get to call you “Papa”. You are building a legacy through your life and your example, and I don’t think you even know it. I pray that today you will be blessed to hear just how much your life, hardwork and commitment has rippled and affected so many of us in such an amazing way. I could not be more blessed by you. Thank you.

To my wonderful grandpa, Manley.

I adore you, you handsome devil. Thank you for your unconditional love, your steadfast and faithful presence, and for all of the laughter. You are the best. I love you.


To all of the other daddies out there.

Happy father’s day! I hope you know the importance of your presence and the magnitude of your impact in each of your children’s lives. The love, support, encouragement, care, protection, and guidance you give everyday to your children impacts not only them but future generations. Your example is invaluable. I commend you for your commitment to your families, and pray the Lord blesses you for your faithfulness in the high honor you have been given in receiving the title “Father”. You are not taken for granted.

To those whom Father’s Day brings some amount of grief or pain.

My heart is with you. I pray that you feel the Heavenly Father’s love in a new and abundant way today. I pray you find peace and rest in knowing that He loves and cares for you deeply.

Finally, to all of the birth fathers.

You who are so often overlooked or forgotten by others when they think of adoption. I see you. I remember you. I understand profoundly the depth of your significance and worth. You have created and given life to a child. On behalf of all those who are given the honor to raise that child, I thank you. You have given the greatest gift.

Happy Father's Day.