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The Fischer Family





The Final Piece

Travis Fischer

Over here at the Fischer house, we are feeling a little something like this...

and kind of like this...

and a lot like this...

Have you ever wondered what an $18,000 jigsaw puzzle looks like?

"Not really", you say? Me neither.

BUT now that I've got you curious, it looks like this...

That's right friends

We did it!

We sold out the puzzle!

We officially have all of the money we will need in order to complete our adoption and bring our baby girl home!

Our pie graph is full!!

About 160 of you helped us raise $23,680 towards funding our adoption!

That amount combined with what we have been able to save means we have all that we need to go to Florida, adopt our baby girl and bring her home!

Can I get a "Woot! Woot!"?

Oh it's 2014 you say? Nevermind.

Please at least join me in a little happy dance.

"It's not unusual to be loved by..." Ahem...

To get serious for a moment, there are no words that feel remotely adequate for expressing the level of our gratitude. We are trying hard to take every opportunity we can to say thank you to all of you.

Thank You!

We are constantly thanking God who provided exactly what we needed. You all are making this dream happen for us! It's one of the most amazing and mind blowing experiences we have ever had.

Thank you!


We leave for Florida on Saturday morning. Everything is becoming very real and exciting very fast.

Melissa wrote a beautiful post about our process this week and our current prayer requests. There are many big things coming together to make this all happen. We long for your prayers.

Now we simply wait in anticipation to fill in that one little final piece of the puzzle.