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Gender Reveal!

Melissa Fischer

The moment I know you all have been waiting for!



A GIRL!!!! We are so excited to be welcoming another little lady into our family. Ever since we were matched and found out we would be adding more headbands to our home, I have been dreaming of what life will be like with another little girl.

I imagine her and Raena running around, playing dolls together, telling each other secrets, sharing clothes, taking dance classes together, and being best friends for life. I picture Kingston, big brother and protector of his two little sisters, taking each one of them by the hand and leading them all over the place. He has become so much more engaged in babies lately, wanting to hold them and show them things. He will teach this little girl everything he knows. He cannot wait to have another baby in the family.

These pictures are from the day we found out we were matched.

Celebration balloon from daddy.

Before we were matched, I would ask Kingston and Raena if they wanted a baby boy or a baby girl. Kingston would always say boy and Raena would always say girl. I don’t think Raena really understood what that meant either way, but when we found out it would be a girl, I wondered how Kingston would react. He did not miss a beat. He has been so excited from the beginning. He has not made one comment about wanting the baby to be a boy. He just cannot wait to have a baby!

Shortly after our match, he named our little girl baby coffee. Since the original naming, he has added a middle name as well, which is Ice Cream. We now refer to her as baby Coffee Ice Cream Fischer.

The kids LOVED celebrating!

The kids LOVED celebrating!

They were so excited.

Travis brought me celebration flowers.

Notice they are girl colored ;)

After our trip to meet our birth mom, S, this weekend, we returned home with several ultrasound pictures. When I showed them to the kids they loved it. When I told Kingston that it was baby coffee and that mommy and daddy had gone to see her, his eyes welled up with tears, and he said to me “but I want to see baby coffee.” Most precious and sweet and heartbreaking moment ever. It is amazing to see his genuine love for her already. I told him that he would get to go with us to meet her soon, and he perked right up and was very happy to hear that.

At the airport the night we flew out, we took a picture to send to the kids at home.

Sunrise as we flew into Charlotte for our layover. The time zone change was brutal.

Our trip to Florida was perfect. S was amazing. We spent the first half of the day with her and our adoption attorney. Seeing her for the first time in real life with her baby bump was so surreal. I think I may have spent the entire day in shock. I gave her a hug and had to resist the urge to just stare at her.

S is GORGEOUS. Like seriously beautiful. From behind, you would have no idea she was pregnant. She just has a little, adorable basketball bump in the front. We had lunch together and talked about a million different things. It was really fun to get to hear more about her life and to share with her more about ours.

We had a bit of a shock during our lunch. Our attorney asked us if we would be ok if the baby was a boy. We were caught so off guard. Of course we would, we had said from the beginning that gender did not matter to us. But, we have been preparing the last two months for a little girl. I have pulled out and organized all of Raena’s old clothes, I have purchased some new girl clothes, blankets and accessories, not to mention the HOURS Travis and I have invested in finding a name. Hearing that the baby may not be a girl was just a little bit starling. However, we soon found out that our attorney was only asking because she was sure S was carrying the baby like it was a boy. S quickly told us she has had multiple ultrasounds, and they have all confirmed this baby is a girl. We all laughed and concluded our attorney was crazy ;)

We didn’t have to question the gender for too long because after lunch we got to go and have an ultrasound. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. This little girl has the most precious face; chubby little cheeks, pouty little lips and the cutest nose. Seeing her face so clearly on the 3D ultrasound was magical. She kept her hands up by her face most of the time, and we even caught her sucking her thumb. I also got to put my hand on S's stomach and feel baby girl moving around. Incredible. I cannot wait to snuggle this little lady.

The ultrasound tech thinks we may be snuggling our little baby sooner than we think. As with all pregnancies, there is no good way to know for sure, but this little angel may arrive before the end of the month! So, I guess we just have to pack our bags soon, and be ready for a possible phone call earlier than we expected. We may only have a couple of weeks. Crazy!

After the ultrasound, we let S get some rest while we checked into our hotel. We then spent the evening together getting dinner and exploring the city a little bit. It truly was the perfect day. Going into it, we were pretty nervous {as should be expected}, but I can’t think of anything that could’ve made the day better.

Of course the entire thing was a HUGE deal. There are a lot of emotions to process, and the entire day was just another level of realization of what’s really happening. I still don’t think I can comprehend it all. I’m kind of in shock. But in every way it possibly could be, the day was natural and fun and sweet and beautiful and amazing.

I miss S and that little babe so much already. I definitely left two pieces of my heart in Florida. I just can’t wait to go back.