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Going to meet our birth mom!

Melissa Fischer

I can hardly stand myself.

Shortly after we were matched with our birth mom, on September 22nd, we planned a trip to Florida to meet her. It has been six, LONG weeks, but our trip is finally here!! We are taking off tomorrow night, and we get to meet our precious birth mom {whom I will refer to as “S” from now on} as soon as we land in Florida Friday morning. I cannot wait!

From the moment we started considering domestic adoption, I prayed for the opportunity to build a relationship with our birth mom. God has answered my prayers by allowing the most beautiful beginning to a lifelong connection between two mamas. I truly could not be more grateful.

Since our match, I have been able to start building a relationship with S long distance. We have texted, emailed and called each other. Every interaction I have had with her has been beyond sweet, and has blessed my soul in some of the deepest ways I have ever experienced. She is caring, friendly, thoughtful, encouraging, kind, strong, warm, smart and so sweet.

The only thing that has been missing from our growing relationship is an opportunity for me to give S a hug. Ever since I found out that she chose us, my heart has literally ached to look into her eyes and give her a hug. For some reason, a long hug is the only thing that feels like it might even begin to communicate the depth of my gratitude for this incomparable honor and gift she is giving us. There truly aren’t words that could adequately explain how I feel, and so I hope that when I see her on Friday and hug her for the first time, she will just feel what I so wish I knew how to say. I am honored. I am humbled. I am so thankful. I am in awe. 

We are forever bonded by this little life, and that connection is deeper than I ever could have imagined.

I also cannot wait to see that baby bump! To see our babe rolling around for the first time will be magical. I have had some serious moments along this journey of literally aching for and missing this little one who is growing on the other side of the country that I have not yet met. I cannot wait to just be near our next little Fischer.

As if that wasn’t enough to make an amazing weekend, when we get back on Saturday evening, we get the opportunity to attend a gala to celebrate adoption. This event is the kick off for the first ever World Adoption Day, which is THIS Sunday, November 9th! I cannot wait to be in a room full of people who share our passion for adoption, and to build some new relationships with other families in the area that have adopted. It is sure to be a great night.

If you haven’t seen my posts about World Adoption Day, please visit the website for more information. You can join us in celebrating adoption as well as spreading awareness by posting a picture of yourself Sunday holding up your hand with a smiley face on your palm. Don’t forget to tag #WorldAdoptionDay and @WorldAdoptionDay as well as link to the website, in your posts.

And one last exciting bit of news. Part of the plan for our visit on Friday is to go and have an ultrasound. So, not only are we going to get to see our babe rolling around from the outside for the first time, but we are going to get to actually see little hands and little feet and a little nose and mouth and eyes. Agh! I literally feel like I might be dying with anticipation!

We will also get to hear, for the first time, the heartbeat that has been growing 3,000 miles away inside the body of this little life who was meant to be a part of our family {I may or may not be crying right now}. This is the heartbeat of the babe we have been praying for and thinking about for months. Actually, this is the heartbeat we've been praying for and thinking about for YEARS ever since God first placed this call on our hearts, and we knew that someday a life would be added to our family through adoption. After all this time, it's finally happening. I just can't grasp it all. It's so magical and so amazing and so wonderful and so beautiful. My heart is bursting. 

Friday also happens to be my husband's BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday, my sweet Travis J! What an amazing birthday gift for you :)

Be sure to check back next week if you want an update on our trip and to know what it felt like for us to see our babe for the first time and how wonderful it was to hug S for the first time. I'm sure I will be a weeping mess.

We will also be sharing an announcement we know many of you have been waiting for... the gender of our little babe!!

Pink or Blue? Hats or Headbands? Dinosaurs or Dolls?

We are currently an even 2 ladies and 2 gents in our household, so which way is the scale going to tip? We can’t wait to share!