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Happy 3rd Birthday Kingston!

Melissa Fischer

Today our firstborn turns three! I won’t dwell on how I can’t believe it or how time passes too quickly or how it seems like yesterday we were meeting him for the first time; those things will just make me cry. Instead, I want to celebrate that our big boy is three! I want to celebrate who he is today, all the things he can do, and that {by God’s grace} we survived our first three years of parenting!

Here Kingston is giving me a flower for surviving year 3 ;)

Here Kingston is giving me a flower for surviving year 3 ;)

This year we are celebrating our big boy’s birthday a bit different. His daddy is off in Monreal, Canada at a tech conference, and Nama Fischer and auntie Blessing are at our house instead. This is the first year they get to actually be with Kingston on his birthday so it’s pretty special. Because of all the family we have visiting the three weeks surrounding Kingston’s birthday, we decided to make it an extended celebration with days of activities and gifts and fun with family rather than having a traditional birthday party. I was a little sad not planning his party this year, but we really had a great day that I know he loved, and I am excited that we will get to continue the celebration over the next week when my family comes to visit and daddy returns.

For our celebrating today, we decided to have an entire adventure day! Kingston loves when we “go on adventures” so he was thrilled all day long as we went on adventure after adventure. I took photos of each activity we did. I will share them instead of writing about the whole day because that’s way more fun.

One thing I love most about our kids’ birthdays, is that they provide me with intentional time to reminisce. I have made it a tradition to write our kids a letter every year on their birthdays. In the letter, I talk about all of the ways they’ve changed, the things they do and who they are. It’s always an emotional and sweet process for me taking time to really think about them, who they are and the sweet blessings they are to us. It’s therapeutic really.

I wanted to share a few excerpts of the letter I wrote to Kingston this year. I won’t share the whole thing because I don’t think you’re interested in three pages of sappy mom stuff. But I wanted you to know just a piece of what I am cherishing today about my boy.

“My sweet big boy,

In just over 2 hours, you will officially be three! Wow! Although I can hardly believe three years have passed since you made me a mama, when I look at you, you just look three. You have grown exponentially in the last year. You are such a big boy now. There is no baby left in you. You are a kid.

You are the most fun kid on the planet. You are my little kindred spirit. You are a wild, crazy, silly, funny, weird jokester. You love to laugh, and you make me laugh everyday. Sometimes we will just sit and laugh back and forth at one another. It truly gets more and more hysterical the longer we sit there. You love to have a good time and you party hard. You are an extrovert to the core just like your mama. I always joke with your daddy about how “mama understands” every time you exemplify a personality trait he just does not get because he is an introvert. Usually those traits are things like screaming, laughing your head off, being wild, and talking nonstop. Last week we were in the parking lot in the middle of the day and you were screaming for fun. You dad asked you to stop screaming because it would bother the neighbors. You looked at him and said “Daddy, I’m not screaming. I’m saying woo!” It was so funny that you distinguished between a naughty scream and a party scream. Mama knew exactly what you meant and that it was legitimate reasoning. You were screaming because it fun and you were having a good time. No one knows how to have a good time like you. You love life.


...You are so smart. I can’t believe all of the things you have learned in the last year. It seems like everyday you say something that blows my mind. You will say a word I didn’t know you knew or demonstrate your understanding of something I had know idea you could understand. It’s really crazy to me (and a bit nerveracking) all of the things you take in on a given day. It makes me a little nervous about the things I sometimes do or say that you will learn or imitate. It has reminded me what a high calling and responsibility it is to be your mama and your example. I know that I have failed you already more times than I can count. I’m praying for God’s grace through those times; that HE would be bigger than my mistakes; that HE would be seen despite my shortcomings…


{Then I go on to talk about a million other things I love about him}

There is so much I love about you, Kingston John. It is impossible to capture it all in this letter. I wish I could bottle up who you are today, so that I could remember it in the future. But since I can’t, tonight as I laid you down for bed, I held you a bit tighter and a bit longer just hoping the memories of who you are today would seep deeper into my heart and mind. When I wake up tomorrow, you will be three. It makes me happy and sad at the same time. Happy because you are such a joy and you become more and more fun everyday. Sad because you are growing up so fast, and I can’t do anything to stop it or slow it down…”

When you have babies, birthdays are always bittersweet. I feel that more intensely every year that passes. A roller coaster of delight of who they are and each stage they reach and sadness for the moments I can’t get back. I pray I will learn to cherish every day and every stage, so that as time inevitably passes, I can embrace each memory and milestone with joy and thankfulness.


I love you so much my little Chook. I am so honored to be your mom.

Happy 3rd birthday,