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Babies, babies, babies…

I seriously think every week I know someone who has had a baby. Some weeks {days} more than one, and I LOVE IT! We are in that season of life where friends and peers are growing their little families. Some are having their first, some their second or third, and even some {if they started having kids when they were 9} are already onto four or more! Sometimes I can’t believe that this is the stage of life we are in, but I’m pretty sure it’s the best yet.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I love all things baby! And I’m also really nosey {caring}, so I get a lot of joy out of seeing all of the latest new baby posts. Names, lengths, weights, amount of hair, eye color, labor and delivery stories, I love to know it all. Whether it’s a close friend, someone I met once, or a friend’s friend’s cousin’s girlfriend’s sister giving birth, I think you’ll be hard pressed to find someone as interested in their stories as me. I love babies, I love birth, I love life.So, it’ll come as no surprise to you that I have been pretty stoked this past month because in addition to my new nephew {born 3/18/14}, two of my close girlfriends here in LA also welcomed new baby girls into their families {Mabel Jane Black 3/4/14 + Laura Ann Keller Alling 4/3/14}. I have been beyond thrilled and blessed to get to walk motherhood with these two mamas and to welcome their little girls into this world. Snuggling those two babies has both filled my heart with joy and made my heart ache for the time we will add our third child to our family. I cannot wait.

Something that makes me even more excited for adding another baby to our family has been seeing Kingston and Raena interact with a newborn.

The other day we were out thrifting. My mother-in-law is in town and we are trying to accomplish some home projects. We were on a hunt that took us close to Pasadena where my friend + new mama, Eva, lives. So {naturally} we had to pick up Jimmy John’s and go have lunch with her and baby Mabel.

I won’t even try to explain how sweet it was. I will just show you some pictures.

                                                                       My heart can't take it.

                                                                       My heart can't take it.

Kingston LOVED holding baby Mabel. He was so proud. He kept showing her rattles and toys. He would kiss her head and hold her hands. It was THE most heart melting thing I have seen. He is such a loving boy.

                                       So proud.

                                       So proud.

I know you're not supposed to post blurry photos, but this was too sweet not to share.

I know you're not supposed to post blurry photos, but this was too sweet not to share.

Raena was as precious as they come. I sat on the couch with Mabel and she snuggled up right next to me. She was peering over at Mabel, rubbing her head and giggling. #adorable #crazyadorable #freakingadorable

                                                                                 Love you Mabel girl.

                                                                                 Love you Mabel girl.

Both of these sweet moments are treasures I will bury deep in my heart. Moments that not only made me beyond excited to add another little one to our family, but that also assured me that Not only is my heart exploding with love for whoever our third child will be, but Kingston and Raena will also shower that little one with the most love, affection, and adoration. They were meant to be big siblings to another Fischer babe, and I can’t wait to see who that babe will be.