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The Fischer Family





The Outtakes

Travis Fischer

If you are following our family updates then you probably saw our big announcement post last week sharing that we have been matched for our adoption! We created a family video to break the big news which we shared in our blog post: Big News!!!

Considering the "off the cuff" quality of that video you may have assumed it was done quickly and in one shot. Not the case. It took a few takes to get a reasonable shot of the kids. Isn't there a saying in Hollywood about working with children and animals?

Anyhow, the clips that we didn't share were probably more amusing than the one we actually included. As such we wanted to treat you to a little taste of what Fischer family shenanigans look like.

If you haven't read about our puzzle fundraising yet, we would really appreciate it if you would take a minute to get up to speed on that and participate if you can.