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Week 1 puzzle update

Melissa Fischer

What an amazing week this has been! I wish I could convey to you all the depths of the emotions this adoption process brings about. It is incredible and amazing and draining and exhilarating and exhausting and hard and wonderful all at the same time.

We want to thank each one of you who have taken the time to read our updates, share words of encouragement or congratulations, support our needs by purchasing a puzzle piece {or several}, and shared our fundraiser with others you know. Your response has been incredible, and we cannot tell you the love that we feel as each of you have chosen to come alongside us. THANK YOU!

We wanted to give you an update on our puzzle progress. Since we launched our fundraiser just ONE WEEK ago, we have sold 126 puzzle pieces!!!!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who has gotten involved. Truly, you will never know the way each donation blesses our hearts. The magnitude and importance of your involvement is something you may never quite grasp, but we feel it with each piece that is purchased. You are helping BRING our baby home. You are helping GIVE a forever family to a baby who needs one. You are helping LOVE and HONOR a birth mom who is making the most amazing, strong and selfless decision that anyone could ever make. And you are helping SHOW us {and the world} the power and faithfulness of God in a way we have never experienced before.

Not one dollar that has been given has gone unnoticed. We have cried many tears of thankfulness as we have seen so many of you respond to our need with such generous hearts. We know that this is what God intended the church to be to one another, and we are so grateful. Thank you for being HIS hands and feet in our lives.

So, where does that leave us??

Given the 126 pieces we sold this week and the 110 pieces we allotted to those who donated prior to the puzzle fundraiser, 236 pieces of our puzzle have been “purchased”. That means we only have 514 pieces left!

We are 31% of the way there. I know we can do it! Please visit our puzzle page for all the details, and help us get the rest of the way to our goal!